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What is your dogs name?

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Our Leos:


VLA CH Yuma Lion de la Toison d'Or, CD, DD, CGC, TDI ("Yuma")

VL GRCH CH Seelowen Danika, CD, DD, CGC, TDI ("Dani")

CH Seelowen Kayak Calm Waters, ("Ky")


Our rescued Pembroke Welsh Corgi:

Curlingstone's General Tso ("Yoshi")



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Not officially ours (dil is a Marine, has a new baby, and my ds is overseas), but my grand-dog's name is Twinkle. She is an English Lab and her registered name is When You Wish Upon a Star. She is staying with me until my ds comes home. She officially belongs to dil.

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Oh, what a cute little one!


Our dog is Dingo. Ds named him back in 2004 (he was ds' 7th birthday present). At the time he was a huge Crocodile Hunter fan. His thinking was, Steve Irwin is from Australia and dingoes are from Australia. As he got older he asked why we let him pick that name. I told him it was better than his first choice - Kevin. :lol: (This was way before Up. We had a good laugh at the Kevin in that movie. Is this a name kids like to give to pets?)

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Our dog's name is Josie (also called Jose, Yoshi, Joey, Joe's, Jo).

Our fave dog of all time was Ozzy (also called Oz).


We may be getting a lab (free, full-blooded, good lines!) at spring break (will be 8 weeks at that point). Names are SO hard! I might try something extra smart sounding. :) I'm positive my little girl will want something Princess sounding. My middle boy will want something off the wall (wall-chair or something). My little one just named his Build-a-Bear dog Ruffy. My big son won't be interested. My daughter and I choose the same KINDS of names, but don't really agree. Having a formal name as well as a name to call the dog should prove to give us plenty to fuss about :)

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I would definitely recommend a two-syllable name. It works much better than one or three when giving commands. I mean it flows a bit better. "Come, Spot" compared to "Come, Spotty".


Maybe a character's name from a favorite book, or a word that means something fun or cool, etc.?

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Matilda is a pomeranian/poodle/probably-other-stuff-too mix.


It means "powerful battler" or something like that, and we thought it would be funny when we anticipated her being under 10 pounds fully grown.


Also, we have a tradition of naming our pets after other animals.


Guinea pig Bessie got her name because her coloring reminded me of a cow.

Guinea pig Coconut was named after the American Girl dog.

Cat Piggers acquired his name from his foster family because he ate more than all of the other kittens.

Cat Raven was also named by her foster family because she's all black and likes to sit on people's shoulders.


So, we knew the dog had to be named after a different kind of animal.


And, since I'm a literary nerd, we ended up naming her after the cat that lives at the Algonquin hotel.


Of course, we almost never call her "Matilda." She's usually "Tilda-pup" or frequently just "Puppy."

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We have Elsa and Logan, both German Shepherds. Elsa sounded German and fit her. Logan was a little tougher. His name on paper is X-Man (we was from the X litter, and there's not a lot you can do with X) so we tried to come up with names from the X-Men series for him. Had he been a long-haired, I think he would have been Wolverine. Logan is Wolverine's other name. None of the other X-Men names fit.

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Our dog's name is Aidan. The day before we went to look at (not purchase) a litter of Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, my kids chose the name. It means "born of fire" or "little fire". He is one of the 4 Irish breeds, hence they perused Irish name lists. With all this, I had no idea we were going to buy a puppy the next day.


While I was busy telling the breeder that we wanted a puppy that was in the middle of the dominance range, tending toward submissive, the boys chose one. They picked the pup who quickly and eagerly climbed over all the others to get to them.


Past dogs have been named Merry Suzanne of Dixieland, Diogi, and Ted Williams (Teddy). Diogi was the only one I got to name. Aidan's name would have been Mouse (he kills them), Jetson, or Fenway, if I'd had a choice. I haven't registered him yet because I can't think of a suitable name since I thought up X's Pees in the House.


If I had a Lab, I'd name him Beaker.

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We have two Goldens. Teddy was named by our then 3yr old who wanted to name him "Princess Boy" and then decided that he looked like a Teddy Bear. Jagger is our baby. He's 3 months old now and named for the Maroon 5 song. When he came home at 7 weeks, Jagger was REALLY klutzy. He'd walk into walks if you talked to him, ran into walls playing with Teddy, tripped walking from the carpeted areas to wood flooring. NO MOVES. During the "Naming Wars" (it got kind of heated with 7 very opinionated folks trying to choose one name), someone mentioned that the pup had "No moves like Jagger." The name stuck.

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Jack Jack, after the Incredibles character. He looks and acts nothing like him, but I thought the name was cute. Luckily, he has never burst into flame when angry.


He almost ended up being Leonidas, but he's not bold enough. He's a sweet Plott hound/German Shepherd mix, though.

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Our dog came with the name Oz - which is perfect since we got him while we lived in KS. We all call him Ozzy though - and everyone assumes its for Ozzy Osbourne - which is silly since I've never even heard an Ozzy Osbourne song.

Oh, you poor thing. Click here to hear Crazy Train.




Now back to your regularly scheduled thread about dog names.

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SO CUTE! We have two dogs - Flint (my son chose this from a book he was reading) and Bandit (we got him from a shelter and that was already his name - which he has lived up to!). Our daughter has two and a foster - Wookie, Cocoa Bean (Coco for short) and the fostered dog is Kallee.


Susie in SWVA

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Our Foxhound/Boxer puppy is named Rascal. He's definitely living up to his name!


Pets owned by family members:


Beagle - Sniffles

Black Lab/Husky - Zorro

White Wolf - Drifter

Doberman - Duchess

Rottweiler - Shiloh

Rottweiler - Kita

Unknown Mix - Molly

Unknown Mix - Lucy

Collie - Shadow

Poodle - Biscuit

Poodle - Patches

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