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Should I get Winning with Writing 3 and 4?


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Should I get WWW3, accelerate through it and then move onto WWW4, or do you think we could just start with WWW4. WWE style writing is the only writing we've done. We are in WWE3. She's pretty good at narration, mediocre at best at dictation, or at least those long WWE ones. We are moving to R&S4 English next week.


What do you guys think? I'm just trying to save on shipping, if we need both.



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Have you looked at the Table of Contents for each of the WWW workbooks? It gives you a pretty good idea of the skills taught in each lesson. Maybe that will help you decide.


You could just buy both sets and save the ones you don't use for your younger kids.


I got the second workbook for WWW for my third grader this year because I thought he needed to learn how to write and structure an original paragraph, plus practice some of the other types of writing that are in that workbook. We skipped the first WWW3 book since we have been doing IEW (which covers some of the same concepts). I haven't looked at WWW4 yet to be able to comment on that.


HTH a little bit.

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