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So Excited!!


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You can laugh if you want, I won't mind.. but our SL Core showed up today. :D Course the school room was trashed and it took me until 7 to finish fixing it so I didn't get to look through it much {WAAAAH} but I'm still riding high and can't wait to check it out in full tomorrow! ;)

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Just so you know, it wasn't an official Box Day. ;) I bought the Core {E; formerly 4; Second half of US history} used {possibly from these boards?} and had it shipped to my folks in the US who kindly forwarded it onward to us.


It's summer in Australia so we're on break. :D I need to get it all set up so I can spiral bind it {I did this to WP and a few other Curriculum manuals as well} and then I'll order all the books from Book Depository because it will save me heaps on shipping.


I'd LOVE to buy a whole "box", but the shipping to get it here would unglue me considering how much other stuff I could buy with that money. All though, seriously tempting for Science because I still feel that area of our school lacks a bit. I'm going to give science, with what I intended, a go, and if it flops then I'm purchasing the SL one :lol:



BUT, we are still REALLY excited.. or at least I am. The kids have no idea what it is, but if I mention Civil War they'll go nutters. :lol:

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