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Yes, another biology question

What high school biology and why?  

  1. 1. What high school biology and why?

    • D.I.V.E Biology w/ BJU textbook
    • D.I.V.E Biology w/ Science Shepard textbook

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Please help me decide. I just can not decide between the 2. I am so close to saying forget it and having dd do both so I can decide for my other 3 kiddos :lol:


Science Shepard Biology w/ DIVE





BJU Biology w/ DIVE



Please give me your reasons along with your answer. I have been mulling over this for months now :001_huh: TIA



ETA: shepherd please forgive my misspelling!

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Well, I said BJU because BJU is tried and true. It's been around a long time and it's a solid full course worthy of an honest high school credit. Not that Shepherd is not, I honestly know next to nothing about it...which, again, is why I chose BJU. ;)


I have not always had the best experiences with homeschool created curriculum, so my opinion may be a tad jaded.

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