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Dr Hive: dd13 sleeping 12+ hours a day, mild cold, 10 days....mono?

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Dd13 has had a mild cold since Christmas break started. She has also been sleeping a lot; I am guessing 12+ hours a day. She wakes up, does minor activities and then when she goes back to sleep, I know it will be half a day before I see her again. Sometimes she stays up for a normal amount of time, but a few times she fell asleep again within a few hours. She had a mild fever the first few days, but not since them. Minor wheezing one or two days (no history of asthma) was the only surprising symptom but even it went away on its own. When she is awake, she just complains of minor cold symptoms nothing else (no rash, aches etc).


I took her to the doctor on day 5 or so, only because of the wheezing and we were heading to the mountains for 5 days and wouldn't have immediate access to medical care. The doctor was mainly interested in her breathing...agreed that it was a minor cold and said her chest was clear, but prescribed her an inhaler just in case.


Now that it has been 10 days and she is just the same as she was when it started, I am guessing that it is more than just a cold. She has slept at will for over 10 days, and each day is over 12 hours, at least one was 14+ hours.


If she were your dd, and a dr visit would cost $100, would you take her in again to be seen or just assume it was mono and just do 'watchful waiting'.


She goes to a small private school, so she isn't home with me during the day. I haven't seen anything concerning in the past 10 days, other than a lot of sleep!

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Could she be starting a growth spurt? I know my boys, when growing fast at that age slept huge amounts.

Other suggestions could be that her body is really trying hard to fight off a cold, and she needs extra sleep, she has picked up some sort of virus and is fighting it?


Personally I wouldn't be worried. It is common for teenagers to need more sleep.

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A friend of ours has mono. Apparently, it is no longer on the short list of things they test teenagers for and is so "sensitive" the nurse wouldn't tell the mom over the phone but made her come in to get the lab results (not an appt so no fee involved.) So call and ask if they would even do the test before you bother taking her in.


They figure she'd had it for a month and a half before they tested for it.

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