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If DD likes Cambridge Latin, would she like Athenaze?

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I'm asking here since CL is usually considered a high school, or at least a middle school text so hopefully some of the people here will have experience with it.


I added CL this year for my word/language loving DD on the suggestion of a Latin teacher friend, and she absolutely LOVES it-much more than Latin for Children, and she's stated she wants "Cambridge Latin for Greek". Athenaze looks like it's a similar, reading-based, whole-part program, so I'm wondering if it would be a better fit for her?

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The authors of Athenaze, Maurice Balme and Gilbert Lawall, also wrote Ecce Romani (Lawall) and Oxford Latin (Balme), which are similar to Cambridge.


If you're interested in an online course, Lukeion uses Athenaze. Regan Barr is a wonderful teacher; we've been thrilled with all of the Lukeion classes DS13 has taken so far.



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