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Can anyone compare Bravewriter and IEW?


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I follow a very CM approach. I love copywork, dictation, etc. I know that these are two popular writing curricula. I don't want something that is a workbook. I would like a program that I could become familiar with and then use whatever we are studying at the time to make writing assignments. I know my kids are a ways away from starting writing class, but I would love to become familiar with a program while they are young so we can start implementing it as I see fit. I saw Pudewa talk at a couple of conventions and was really impressed. I like his approach to teaching writing, but I am a little concerned that my kids will get frustrated because it seems so contrived (although eventually it will flow naturally and they are just learning how to write in baby steps). Anyway, any information that you have would be greatly appreciated!

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I can't do a comparison because i have neither used nor seen IEW. However, if you are CM oriented then Bravewriter would, I think, be more appealing to you. It focusses on LA/writing being a lifestyle.


I would highly recommend 'The Writer's Jungle' where the whole philosophy is covered. It's an inspiring read, and it also gives you ideas for writing projects that you can do at different stages of development but applied to whatever content you wish to apply them to.


HTH a little.

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Another bump.


I visited the bravewriter website and started to implement a few of the ideas from there, and thought they would be helpful in terms of limbering up the writing process, as it were. It did seem to unblock my then writing blocked child. brave writer also has dictation and so on. I am planning to get Writer's Jungle soon, I hope.


I thought IEW would help to give a directed here-is-one-way to do this, starting from note taking on up. IEW is on its way.


I decided we needed more than just one program, both for variety, and because they cover different things, or in different ways. And while pricey, both seem like they will stay useful for many years. We also use WWE and plan to use WWS when it is time.


Maybe in a year or 2 or 3, after a chance to compare more, I'll have more to contribute!

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