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Any Dexter fans?

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We are only on episode 3 of this season. We like to wait until we have the whole season on our DVR and then watch as we like without having to wait each week.


I must admit though- this season's beginning seems a bit :glare: blah.


Then again, I keep saying at the beginning on each season that I think this will be my last but I get sucked back it.

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We love Dexter! Matter of fact, we named our kitten after him. The cliffhanger wasn't much of a surprise for me (it was for the rest of my family though) because I had read the books and kinda figured out that was where this season was heading. However, I absolutely cannot wait to see where they go with it. Next season can't come soon enough.

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I don't watch it - BUT I was reading a fascinating story about the new season in THE NEW YORKER last week.


I think I will have to begin watching it.


Is it available on DVD? Or, can I watch back episodes online?


It is on DVD. Thank goodness because I was a late comer to the show myself. Luckily for me my eldest had been buying the seasons on DVD so I could catch up quickly.


I need to find a copy of that article though because at the very least next season will be quite intriguing.

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I had no idea this was based on a book series! How are they?


I never thought I'd like it but once I watched one or two shows, I was fully hooked!


We have SHOWTime onDemand and that's how we watched this season so we could watch the entire season in a couple weeks. I cannot wait for next season.

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I recently ordered the second book in the series. I couldn't get into it in the slightest. I found the writing too cutesy for my taste, and in general it just made me appreciate how much work had been put into the TV series.


I didn't pick the first book because despite several differences, the story is apparently largely the same as the first series; they completely diverge starting with the second book/season. And after I read, or tried to read, the second book, I read reviews of the third that have convinced me not to try any further books in the series.

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