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Feeling teary....four kids gone :(

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I'm POSITIVE this is because my dumb TOM won't just come on already (I'm two days late). And my hormones are so messed up it isn't funny (Gyn appt today regarding that but I'll probably end up treating "naturally").


Anyway, but I do have some real reasons for being teary...


This morning, FOUR of my kids left by 7:40. First, the two little boys went off to school. Then my daughters left. One went to school and the other to her job training.


The boys have been home for 3 weeks. The 6yo for 2 weeks. It has been REALLY rough. Like beyond rough. But I still love them and want to be with them. The little one threw a party when I checked his "bumps" and decided he could go to school. I'm so glad they want to go. But....but....but I want to have the good parts of having them home.


My 19yo and I have this invisible umbilical cord and are RARELY separated. She'll be home by 3:15 (she has to pick hubby up from work or else she'd be home sooner), but.... I am the one that made it clear she MUST get a job. We have rules in this house and she messed up. She has to take care of her business. I can't save her from her consequences or real life. But I feel like *I* am the one grounded while she goes on to bigger and better things.


(btw, that is a neat thing about THIS consequence that I think I'd like to see about figuring for others. She is moving on to bigger and better things rather than being held back by having this consequence. THAT is a good thing!)


Anyway, gonna take a shower and go see the doctor. But it sure seems lonely today. Maybe my 16yo has some money to take his mom out to lunch (why do I always push "no" when offered cash back when I make purchases?).

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You are looking at it the wrong way. Turn it around. You are home alone (or home with the 16-year old) How often does that happen? Do something positive. Tackle something you haven't been able to get to with the littles around or do something special with the kiddo who is home with you. Or just go take a nap.

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