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Windows To the World-How to transcript this?

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I'm listing dd's course on the transcript as "Introduction to Literary Analysis". Windows to the World will then be listed in my course descriptions as the textbook we used for that course.


ETA: looking again at your post, I'm wondering if you were also asking about credits... in which case, if you complete it in one semester, I'd give 1/2 credit for it.

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Well, I am doing it this year, but I am adding to it. For 11th grader it will be English III along with grammar from test prep ( He already did Analytical Grammar 9th and 10th, so I think this is all he needs.) He is reading part of Perrine's Literature. We have read To Kill a Mockingbird, Jane Eyre and the Scarlett Letter as well. We will be doing Cyrano and Othello for sure in the spring. We are also doing poetry from the Sound and Sense. He is doing more writing as well.


For my 9th grader, he has done and is doing the works listed above. He is doing Windows to the World. We are doing more papers than what is in WtW. I MUST buckle down and find a grammar program to do with him. I have about 3 I've tried in the past, but he can't do them by himself... GRR. I get tired of having to teach EVERY subject to this kid. Anyway, it is English I.

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