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First lost tooth

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My son lost his first tooth also a few days after Xmas! He cried his head off when he saw his own blood. LOL


I could tell the blood surprised her a bit.. she was fine until she saw it in her mouth then she started to tear up a bit. I was able to distract her with some fresh strawberries from our farm visit. A fresh strawberry, plus a phone call to share the news with her friends and she was fine. :001_smile:



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I don't know about the picture, but that is so sweet! My dd lost her first by swallowing it (a bottom middle one). Then the next three were all on December! The top two middle ones I missed because I was visiting my dad is the hospital. Dh was there, so it worked out alright. The next two bottom ones she lost a week before Christmas. So now she has this huge hole in the front because of missing five teeth and eats funny! :D


Off to check out that book!

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