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My DH is concerned about security. I don't want to go into it all, but there is a small but real danger from a particular individual, and he asked me to get our security system activated and to be vigilant around the house. I'm not a real vigilant personality. I don't even lock the doors. So tell me what to do.


If I call a security company to activate the system, doesn't that mean that everytime the kids want to go outside they have to turn it off? And if they are coming in and out they have to turn it on and off every time? It's not currently activated, but it does "charm" when someone enters the house, so that has always made me feel a bit more secure.


What else do I need to do? We have a relatively safe neighborhood with only one entrance. Practically the entire front of my house is glass. DH suggested replacing the front doors - which are glass - with something solid, but I pointed out that we have a large window right next to the front door anyway, so I am not sure they would give us any extra security.


I'm just not sure what to do. We have a big, scary looking dog who is a pretty good watch dog. I thought about just leaving him outside a lot, but then I read about people giving meat with poison to dogs:(


I've always been of the opinion that random violence isn't all that common and that is someone in particular really wants to kill you, they will. But now that it feels more personal, I'd like to prevent that!

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door or window is opened. Due to the age of our house, we couldn't get it for a more specific window or door, but you might be able to get that. It's helpful if I am downstairs and ds goes out. It can be a bit annoying, but I appreciate this feature.

My neighbor who was having a gathering at her house, had someone walk in and made herself welcome. They actually had to call the police, the person had some sort of mental illness. The dogs didn't even bark.

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If the threat is one specific person, could you get a restraining order? I know that's not perfect, but you could call the police immediately if the person shows up.


I hope you can find a way to feel safer!


No. He hasn't done anything yet to meet the guidelines for getting one.

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I wouldn't leave my dog out in the front yard either, but you could leave a huge metal dog bowl with water out on the front porch as a "warning" to others!


Here are some other ideas:

*Put up a "Beware of Dog" sign on a gate, fence, etc.

*Make sure you have adequate lighting around your property at night.

*Teach your kids what to do if there's an intruder...what should they do/where should they go depending on whether they're inside or outside. (I taught my kids a 1 word code...if they hear it when we're outside, they are supposed to get in the house without questioning me, etc.)

*I don't know how you and your dh feel about firearms, but even if you don't want guns in your house you can have things like pepper spray kept in a safe place. (My brother told me that the pepper spray called bear spray is the best because it will shoot a greater distance.)

*An airhorn from a boating supply store is a handy thing to keep around even on land in case you want to attract a lot of attention fast!

*Decorative iron window guards on basement and other hidden windows

*And talk to your neighbors about your concerns...if they know about the situation they'll be more vigilant about people hanging around/suspicious vehicles...and they'll be more likely to call the police if something doesn't seem right.

*If you have a cell phone, keep it charged and nearby, especially at night. If someone cuts the phone lines, you can still call 911.

*There's a great doormat that says..."Forget the dog...Beware of Owner"! That's really the "message" you want to convey somehow...that it's really not in his best interest to mess with you!


I hope everything works out and you never need to put your security measures to the test!!!

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Ooooh I thought of one, when they come activate the system, see how much it would be to do cameras. You can place them strategically. Also,

they have individual alarms you can buy for you and your kids.


Hope helps,


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Our alarm isn't currently activated. But it's the type of alarm where we could alert the security company that there was an intruder in the house by using a fake password or hitting the emergency button. At that point, they can listen to what's going on in the house but we (and the intruder) would not have been able to hear them. They told us that if we ever had an intruder, we could say things or ask questions that would feed information to the security company that they could pass on to the police while the police were enroute to our house. If I knew there was a person who posed a potential threat to me and my family, I'd definitely want this type of alarm system.


Secondly, I would consider having a cell phone for every member of the family that they would carry at all times, even when playing outside. If not a cell phone, maybe a two way radio that would allow you to communicate with your kids while they are outside. I would also show my kids a picture of the person involved and tell them to come into the house immediately and lock the door behind themselves if they ever see this person while they're playing outside. Or if the person is at the door, the kids should go to a neighbor's as quickly and quietly as possible.


Third, we have guns in the house but I am a terrible shot so I wouldn't even consider using them. But if I knew that a specific person was a threat, I'd consider getting a small handgun and taking shooting lessons and target practice. I'd also consider getting a concealed carry permit, depending on how serious I thought the threat may be.

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