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Okay, theater/dance peeps. I need your imaginations

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I just got back from talking with dd's tap instructor. Seems the kids get to make up their own costumes this year. :glare: He said he wants them to be "mean girls." "Maybe, you know, she could wear a scarf." :confused:


Then a little girl who was listening to our conversation said, "You know, rich and snobby with lots of bling."


Just because one wears Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren (with an Anne Klein scarf) does not make one mean.


Or maybe I should go with Armani with a Gucci scarf. :lol:



Seriously, any ideas how to dress this child for her recital in May?

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We get this every year. Just went through it, in fact.


I would continue to ask to get an idea of what the teacher has in mind. Is she looking for street wear, or dance wear? Does she want a specific color scheme, or color values? (e.g. lots of black vs. lots of white, jewel colors vs. pastels, etc.)


Think layers, and accessories to tell the story and add interest. Vest on top, cami visible somewhere (hem or neck), tights, gloves or wrist warmers, hair piece - all these layers help to define the look.


Your dd should talk to the others in her class to see what they're wearing. You should talk to other mothers. Often what is expected is simpler than it at first sounds.

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