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How much water do you drink each day?

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my goal is 120oz. I have 20 oz glasses, so six of those. I just bought some 24 oz water bottles, in hopes I'll do it more easily.


especially the yoga I'm doing has lots of twisting postures for eliminating toxins from the body, and water helps that.

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Sigh....surely not enough these days.


Years ago I kept a 2 quart pitcher on the counter. I filled it once in the morning and aimed to refill it at lunch time. I know it's best to sip constantly all day, but by getting more in during the a.m., I slept better at night (kwim? Ha!).


Time to break out that pitcher again, methinks! Thanks for the reminder.

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My email box is filled with birthday wishes from places like Betty Crocker and Swag Bucks. I'm not going to remind anyone around here today that this is true; I'm not much of a celebrating person.


But I do try to take a moment out to remember my last year and accomplishments.


The big one last year was discovering water, rest, nutrition as a conscious act for a "better me" so my loved ones can be ...well...better loved and cared for really.


I've slipped on this front. My water jug is out, my vitamin baggies are packed up, my juicer is on the counter.


Sometimes I think we lose good habits and forget how much one simple thing...like water...really are.


Water is important. Drink. Lots.

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Pretty much all I drink is water. (And hot tea, which ... is still kind of water.)


I go through at least 128 oz./day -- that's what my water bottles measure out to. I also drink water whenever we're out (the park, restaurants) that wouldn't be counted in that total. Plus a few cups of tea each day, if you're counting that.


I like water. I drink even when I'm not thirsty. I have my 4 32-oz bottles that I sip on throughout the day.


I also pee a lot :blush:

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