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June 2012 or June 2013??

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Ds is 17 and will turn 18 in June. We delayed starting him in school back in Kindergarten so he is (technically) a Junior this year.


He is considering taking the GED this June when he turns 18. I'd like him to wait a year (and take advantage of the fact that in the eyes of the "state," he will be a senior next year) and take it a year from June.


Is there a benefit to taking it this year? Next year?


(He is very creative and spacey, not at all academic. He doesn't have a driver's license and has no desire to obtain one at this point. He is "aware" of his lack of awareness. :tongue_smilie: IOW, he knows his head is in the clouds and he tries to pay attention and be aware, but it is mostly a losing battle! :lol: He really is a delight, though!!)

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We are in the same boat as you are. Son turns 17 next Monday and he is Junior. If he continues this route then he will be 18 when he goes to college. Not sure if I like that. I can see him benefit another year at home to help him with academics. He is not an academic scholar but is an average B student. He still needs time to mature in the academic area. He is extremely smart but being a typical boy...not academic.


Will keep an eye on this thread!!



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I would suggest delaying the college

and staying home and having more

time to prepare academically,

if you are not in a rush.

Why hurry?

Your kids will be better prepared

if you stay home and have them take

a year more of senior-level coursework; they will

also be more mature.

Also, you could even take a gap year in

addition to that if they need more time for

maturation purposes and they could also

volunteer somewhere or take a job to help

pay for the college.

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