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I love the looks of History Odyssey, but would prefer a Christian perspective...

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I'm looking at History Odyssey, but I have two points on which I'm hesitating.

I'd rather have a Christian perspective, and...

The activities in HO level 1 look like fun, but a bit on the "young" side, and the things in HO level 2 look less fun and maybe a bit too hard.

I'm looking for other suggestions.

Any ideas?

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Hi Julie,

We're Catholic and used history odyssey for my 7 year-old. The beauty of the program is that it is very flexible and you can add anything you'd like. A Child's History of the World by V.M. Hillyer is a very Christian-centric and can be used as well.


For the Ancients I didn't feel like adding anything, because I have such a love for the Greeks and Romans and don't want to cloud them up. But we will do Medieval from a Catholic perspective... and look at the Church in depth.


I'm on the fence about using HO next year, or just doing biblioplan, SOTW, and getting the crafty book from history odyssey... but I really like the overall ease of use for HO and you can add your own Christian Spice, if you will. Hope that helps...

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Your input was helpful. Perhaps I'll buy the HO study guide for both level one and level two, and then pick and choose activities from each(?).


Have you considered biblioplan as well? http://www.biblioplan.net/


I can see what you mean about the levels. The level one was good for my guy, who loves history passionately... You can always get more advanced books at the library, and I really liked the reading recommendations. It is too bad they won't see the reading list for the more advanced section alone.


Have you looked through all the samples at pandia press to get a good feel for the levels?

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Okay, I've checked out Biblioplan in the past, and it just wasn't for us. I just checked it out again, and I still like the looks of History Odyssey better. I did look at the samples for HO, and I still think my dd is not quite ready for some of the assignments, though she reads very well and completely independently. I think I'm going to go ahead and order level one, and just the teacher's guide for level 2. Maybe I can do mostly 1 while incorporating a few more advanced assignments from level 2.

Thanks so much for giving me some ideas!

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