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Help! Where do I start???

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Guest InspiredMama

Hi - I'm new so if I've asked a question thats been asked a gazillion times then I apologise but I did a few searches and didn't find what I was looking for :001_smile: and if this is in the wrong place then again sorry feel free to move!


My DS1 is 4.5yo and is mad keen on learning. So far we use Reading Eggs online which is probably nowhere near Classical lol not that I would know I'm still trying to figure out what it actually covers :) but he adores it and it makes it abit easier on me with morning sickness and DS2. We just found Queen Language Lessons for Little Ones which is Charlotte Mason but I think both DS's will love it.We do have waldorf influences in our home as regards nature and toys etc, and really like some Charlotte Mason ideas but our son wants to be schooled NOW not in 18m - 2yrs. Anyway I just found this forum and I'm really hoping for some recommendations on curriculum, any advice to help us work out a suitable structure, y'know - ANYTHING!!! Please :D Especially some maths type stuff?? And any books that will explain the Classical form of teahing better would be awesome? I have found a few but some I can't get in NZ.

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First, welcome.


Second, you should re-post this on the curriculum board. There are lots of the same helpful people over there. :D .


Thirdly, my 10 year old DD is already in 6th so I don't have a grasp on all the new curriculum out there for the wee ones. But there is a lot. Good luck.

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Hello and welcome! First, take a deep breath; it'll all be ok.


Second, have you read Well Trained Mind yet? I recommend it.


Five in a Row seems to be a really popular and fun program for that age. I haven't used it myself, but would love to use it for my second when he's a little older.


For reading, some of the most popular options on the board seem to be Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 EZ lessons, and Explode the Code. We used OPGTR and it's a very simple, straightforward program. We did lessons on the white board or chalkboard when it was too "boring."


For handwriting, I like Handwriting Without Tears. The books themselves are fairly cheap. We already had a small chalkboard so we didn't need that and instead of buying the wooden blocks, we just used the pattern in the teacher's manual and I cut some out of foam. Also for handwriting, it's been recommended to have them color as it builds their hand muscles. We just got some dollar store coloring books and use those.


For math, the most popular options on this board seem to be Math U See, Singapore, Math Mammoth and Miquon. I use Math U See because it goes all the way through high school and math at that level scares me, so I wanted some help.


Building Foundations for Scientific Understanding is a good science program, it's got a lot of stuff kids would enjoy. Elemental Science and REAL Science Odyssey are other popular choices.


Good luck and remember to have fun! (and not spend too much time researching)

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