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Valentine Exchange?

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What is it? :lurk5:


You snail mail Valentines to other kids who have signed up on a list. Since we're not in school, we don't get a big box of Valentines unless we do something like this.


And mail from all over the world is fun anyway. The kids were thrilled when they got Valentines from some Amercians living in Australia last year. They're hoping for Valentines from the South Pole someday so if any of you could hop on down there and send us some, we'd appreciate it greatly!! :D:D

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And my cute kiddo story about doing a Valentine exchange happened at the mailbox with DD last year.


I let her look at the envelopes addressed to her but she had to put them into a homemade mailbox in our living room to open on February 14. (You may want to do it differently!!)


Anyway, we got down to the mailbox and there was her first envelope. She looked at it, looked at me incredulously and said, "Well, mercy me! How does the mailman know where I live??!!"


"Mercy me?!" (I'm prone to exclamations sadly but "Mercy me!" isn't one of them!) I have ZERO idea where she got that from but it is so much nicer than what I would have come out with.


Everyime I go down to the box now, I think, "Mercy me! How does Consumers Energy find me every month?!" :D:D

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Count me in too. I'm willing to do two sets, as I have a 3yo who will be very unhappy if all the Valentines go to her big sister! ;)



I'll be doing two sets too so no worries! :D


Here's the things about the exchanges I've done before... the kids honestly don't care whether stuff is homemade or handmade. They don't care if you include stickers or pencils (which don't survive the trips to and from Canada!!) they just love getting mail from other kids around the world who are homeschooled too.


We usually do a mix of homemade and store Valentines because doilies are glue and glitter are the BEST things in the world and so is picking out Valentines from Spongebob Squarepants so your mother can have an ethical dilemma in Target wondering how many of you will be totally disgusted at my parenting becuase my kids know who Spongebob is!! :tongue_smilie:

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We would like to do this as well. I have a 9 yo and 8 yo. I was being a little hard on myself yesterday about having brought them home and they would miss their class parties. I think getting mail would offset that ;) I'll be happy to do 2 sets, I have TONS of Valentines that I stocked up on last year (they ARE all cartoonish, though......do I need to have an ethical anxiety attack? LOL I can do that, too, just add it to my other anxieties about homeschooling!!)

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