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visual spatial prealgebra

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My dd 10 will be starting prealgebra soon. She has a strong visual spatial preference. She has been flying through thinkwell and likes it but she wants a book for her next class. We talked about AOPS- her older brother uses that. She wants more color. She likes the look and feel of A beka- but I don't think their prealgebra course is challenging enough. I think Harolds will be a good choice for her when she is ready for algebra but we have to get there. She also uses Life of Fred and loves it, but we need more than that because I work and we need something more structured that she can read daily and do problems. She is very firm about wanting a book she can write in- more of a workbook.


My 2 thoughts are Singapore NEM, (however my gut feel is that she would like a nonintegrated approach) and Horizons. I haven't seen Horizons except for a few sample pages online. She loves the color etc, but I don't know about the challenge level- thoughts? We could also supplement with some AOPS for challenge- but my first thought economically is to just use one curriculum if possible.


She is very mathy and will likely eventually move to AOPS. However right now she wants visual and color and AOPS isn't the right approach- wish it was as my ds loved it!

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Horizons Pre-Algebra and Singapore Discovering Math 1 cover roughly the same topics (I'm going to be using them together) so if you're okay with the Scope & Sequence of the former, don't be scared of the latter.


DM1 has more challenging problems (particularly in the workbook) but I like the spiral review built into Horizons. So since I'll be using it with a young student, I'm going to try spreading pre-algebra out over 2 years by using the combo. I really want to make sure DD has everything solid before moving on to secondary math.

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I'm using Horizons Pre-Algebra right now (have used Horizons from K onward). I like it as it introduces new concepts in very small chunks. DS has always liked the spiral approach with his math. Once finished, I feel that DS will have an excellent foundation for Algebra.

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