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Which level for FLL, 3 or 4?


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I think we're going to take the FLL plunge :thumbup: My question is whether to go with level 3 or 4.


Dc is a keen grammarian, loves language and often points out various parts of speech during conversation. We're only through part 1 of R&S 3 so I was thinking we'd do a lateral transfer but as I look at the S&S for both levels I'm concerned there will be too much repetition. We also do an outside homeschool poetry/grammar class a level above grade so there's lots of new info coming in there.


I want to go with 4 but we've only just begun diagramming and I'm thinking there might perhaps be some other gaps. I want to make sure nothing is glossed over or skipped completely. Advice?

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I would think you could start with level 4. Both levels include review. You can review samples of both. If I remember correctly the samples include lessons from the beginning, middle and end of the books. I skipped level 2 with my daughter and we're about 25 lessons in to level 3 now. We're going t finish it at an accelerated pace but it's still pretty simple for a child who picks up grammar easily. In retrospect we could have skipped all the way to level 4 without issues but since I already bought level 3 we're going to finish it.

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