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Full tuition merit aid or better

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I will start the thread about full tuition at colleges. I would say that we should leave out National Merit. These are just for good SAT or ACT scores.


Louisiana Tech

Presidential Scholarship


Must be an admitted incoming freshmen (all majors).


Requires: GPA: overall 3.0 (on unweighted 4.0 scale), and



ACT: 32 or SAT: 1400 (CR+M)


Unlimited awards which pay tuition, fees, and on-campus regular dorm and

meals for four years.


Student must remain full-time and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Application Deadline

: Apply for admission by priority deadline of Jan 5. Updated

ACT/SAT accepted through December test date.



They give full tuition scholarships ( without room and board) for lower scores for both ACT and SAT scores for instate and out of state. I know several doctor's kids who are going here and really love it. I'm trying to get my son to look at this. He has one guy who is a soph this year that he could stay with.

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UT Dallas


Award Factors:


SAT or ACT Scores

Class Rank

High School Grade Point Average

Success in Honors or Advanced Placement Course Work

Extracurricular and other leadership activities

National Merit status, National Achievement Scholarship Program recognition, and National Hispanic Honor Awards Program recognition


No specific achievement in any category of the AES award factors will guarantee a scholarship. The AES Program will examine each student's record in its entirety and additional considerations are made based on the rigor of the courses taken in high school.


The quality of our incoming freshman applicant pool also affects your chances of a scholarship. For the past few years, the quality of our entering class as measured by SAT scores and high school GPAs has increased significantly. This has made our scholarships increasingly competitive.


The following are the average SAT scores for students that have been offered an AES award thus far for fall 2012:



Average SAT: 1290



Average SAT: 1380



Average SAT: 1480



My 18yo was able to get the Distinction level scholarship. She had NO AP tests, although she did have 45 college credits through the dual credit program. She had NO extracurricular activities at all. It was based entirely on her SAT score (right about the score listed as the average), her cc gpa (3.52), and her hs gpa (3.74 unweighted).


Her scholarship was for 4 years of tuition and fees along with $1500/semester stipend to go towards on-campus housing. For people currently applying, the award at the Distinction level is still 4 years of tuition and fees, but the stipend is only $1000/semester. However, the stipend is now cash rather than a housing credit.

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University of Alabama - guaranteed scholarships based upon scores/GPA. I listed it for out of state students. In state students might want to check. Actually, anyone should probably check as things could change year to year.



Presidential Scholar


An out-of-state first-time freshman student who meets the December 1st scholarship priority deadline, has a 32-36 ACT or 1400-1600 SAT score [critical reading and math scores only] and at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA will be selected as a Presidential Scholar and will receive the value of out-of-state tuition for four years.







There are also competitive free ride scholarships for those wishing to apply to University Fellows or Computer Based Research programs.



And National Merit/Achievement scholars get free rides.



For slightly lower scores, check this page out as they have 2/3rds tuition merit aid with a 30/31 ACT.






Our experience with them has been excellent and I consider them very homeschool friendly.





The University of Kentucky offers competitive (not guaranteed) scholarships offering both full tuition and full rides (different scholarships). Here's what they say on their website:



Competitive Scholarships for Freshmen


The University of Kentucky also provides a competitive scholarship application for higher valued scholarships, for students with a minimum test score of 31 ACT or 1360 SAT (Math + Reading) and minimum unweighted GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. Minimum test score requirements are based on the composite or total score from one test date. Combined scores, also known as a superscore, from two or more tests will not be considered. The deadline to apply for competitive scholarships is January 13, 2012. Applications must be postmarked by the January 13 deadline. In addition to the scholarship application, students applying for competitive scholarships must have qualifying test scores and high school transcript on file with the Office of Undergraduate Admission by January 13, 2012.



The awards include:



The Otis A. Singletary Scholarship

Four-year awards provide tuition, room and board, a yearly stipend of $1,500, an iPad2®, and $2,000 for a Summer Education Abroad program.



The Presidential Scholarship

Four-year awards that cover the cost of tuition.












The University of Pittsburgh also offers competitive (not guaranteed) full tuition and full ride scholarships with a minimum of a 33 ACT score. I didn't see these on their website, but they exist in reality. More appear to be offered to out of state students than in state (probably to get geographical diversity), but look at this thread before applying as they turned out to NOT be homeschool friendly for the majority of homeschoolers:




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LeTourneau University


The award I am listing is actually for about 1/2 of tuition. HOWEVER, they have tons of scholarships for high scores for people that show financial need: home school scholarship, STEM scholarship, etc. This excellent university is about 15 minutes from me. They work hard at trying to find aid so you can attend. HOWEVER, apply this summer if you will be a senior next year. They have rolling admissions and give out aid as people are accepted. So a lot of the aid is gone by Christmas. The lady that spoke at our co-op talked about how once you are accepted and pay the fee ( that can be refunded up until May), when they get scholarships from alumni (like the homeschool one..this isn't isolated. ) They will have an Asian scholarship or other specific scholarships, so they can look at their pile of acceptances and try to match it with someone.



The Presidential, Dean’s, and Honors Scholarships are awarded to entering first-time freshmen for academic excellence and achievement. The average recipients have high school grade point averages that range from 3.00-4.00 and SAT composite scores in the range of 1150-1600. Scholarships and their respective annual award amounts for students entering Fall 2011 are: Presidential Scholarship $11,000; Dean’s Scholarship $9,500; and Honors Scholarship $8,000. Presidential Scholarships are renewable for continuous enrollment and maintenance of a minimum 3.40 cumulative GPA at the end of each spring semester. The Dean's Scholarship is renewable for continuous enrollment and maintenance of a minimum 3.20 cumulative GPA at the end of each spring semester. The Honors Scholarship is renewable for continuous enrollment and maintenance of a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA at the end of each spring semester. Scholarship applications are not required. Selection is based upon your Application for Admission. Early application is required.


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Eastern New Mexico University



Score Annual

Amount Continuation 30+/1320+ Tuition + fees + $2,800 = $6,200 up to four years 29/1280–1319 Tuition + fees + $1,600 = $5,000 up to four years 28/1240–1279 Tuition + fees + $1,600 = $5,000 up to four years 27/1210–1239 Tuition + fees + $1,200 = $4,600 up to four years 26/1170–1209 Tuition + fees + $1,200 = $4,600 up to four years 25/1130–1169 Tuition + fees + $800 = $4,200 up to four years 24/1090–1129 Tuition + fees + $800 = $4,200 up to four years 23/1060–1089 Tuition + fees + $300 = $3,700 up to four years 22/1020–1059 Tuition + fees + $300 = $3,700 up to four years 21/980–1019 Tuition + fees = $3,400 for first year 20/940–979 Tuition + fees = $3,400 for first year


This is for in-State students, but out of state students are eligible for an out of state tuition waiver plus merit aid as well.

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