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What works for tendonitis?

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This is for posterior tibial tendonitis in both feet. This started on August 1st, so 5 months ago today! Here's what I've done so far:


~ Call my GP. She said to take 3 Aleve twice a day, stop exercising, and call her in 2 weeks if it wasn't better for a referral. (Some improvement and then a flair up after normal walking, no exercise.)


~ Finally got a referral and appointment with podiatrist. Gave me generic orthotics and a prescription anti-inflammatory for 2 weeks. Went back and he didn't really have anything more to say after it wasn't better. (My arches look fine and I've never had foot problems before, so I wanted to try the generic orthotics first. I've been wearing them non-stop ever since.)


~ Up and down, never well, for the next couple of months. Lots of Aleve, etc., icing, but maybe not consistently enough. Vitamins, etc.


~ 2 weeks ago went to a chiropractor and have had a few visits now. He has adjusted my feet a couple of times, done cold laser therapy every time, and hard massage twice. The last time, 2 days ago, he said not to ice it for 2 days and that it would be sore. He said it will draw attention to it and my body will pay more attention to healing it. I'll wait a little longer today, but I plan to ice them. (They are really sore and irritated and burning at night. Sick of Aleve, so taking Tylenol to take the edge off.)


I've done a little reading lately about MSM, but haven't gotten any yet.


I wish I could just not be on my feet at all -- and I've tried harder these last 2 days, but it's not realistic for everyone to wait on me for weeks on end. (Dh has taken up grocery shopping and I try to limit going places with lots of walking, but we've been doing that for a few months.)


What actually works for tendonitis??

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Put a tennis ball (or similar size ball) under your foot Stand on it.roll it around with your foot. So this for 60 sec on eqach foot twice a day.


lay a hand towel on the floor. Try and pick up the towel with your foot. You scrunch up the towel with your toes trying to get get it all scrunched under your toes.


My friend is a masseuse and these are the exercises he told me to do. If you can afford a massage, having him massage my feet was wonderful.


The other thing that helped was going gluten free. Before that flare up were common . Now my feet hardly ever have pain.

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Any condition with "itis" at the end means there is inflammation involved .

Sugar can cause inflammation as well as some grains (gluten grains). It may be worth a try to cut these out of your diet for a while and see what happens. Perhaps google "foods that cause inflammation" and see what else you can find.

Hope you feel better soon!

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I go see my chiropractor. He does something called the "combo" on it, which is electrical stimulation and ultrasound. I went from 10 Advil a day once to no pain the next day. It works like a charm!


Depending on the laws in your state, you may need a referral to a physical therapist to get e-stim or ultrasound but it does help reduce inflammation.


Here in WA, chiropractors cannot offer these services.

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I would pursue physical therapy. There are many modalities including ultrasound, e stim, etc. that may be appropriate for your situation, as well as a stretching program, appropriate exercises as you heal, etc. Sometimes certain types of taping/splinting can help as well.


You may benefit from rx/custom orthotics, but I'm not sure if you discussed that with the podiatrist. You could discuss with the PT if you pursue PT. Sometimes your arches may "look" fine but as you move, you might pronate, etc. biomechanically. What your feet do and look like at rest isn't always what they do when in motion. The PT may want to do a gait analysis.

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I have that with my achillis tendon due to a bone spur on the back of my heel.


Physical therapy really helped. Advil and rest helped. CUSTOM orthodics have REALLY REALLY helped. I hate that I need to wear tennis shoes almost all of the time with my orthodics in them.......but when I wear them full time, I don't hurt.


Water aerobics has been good as long as I don't do the high impact stuff. If I start out slowly and stretch a bit, I can easily walk 4 miles in just over an hour pain free............but if I sit down in the car for 20 minutes and then have to get out and start walking, I look like I am totally crippled.....until I limber up again.


I am still contemplating surgery but it would be 4 months of NO WALKING ON IT and we have a small hobby farm so mom not walking for 4 months just isn't going to be easy.........along with the fact that I want to ride my horse :-)


Adding-----the physical therapist and orthodics people told me which brand/style of tennis shoes to buy based on my foot structure and walking patterns. That has made a big difference as well having the proper style of shoe. They are $100/pair every 6 months but worth it.

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