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Induction stovetops?

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We need to get a new stovetop -- our glass stovetop has been shattered -- and we're looking at possibly using induction. We like what we've read about induction stovetops, but we want to know if anyone here has anything good or bad to say about them.


Does anyone have the induction/regular stovetop hybrid (two circles for each kind of power)?


Also, we're curious about the metal strips on the sides of the induction stovetops we've seen. Is there a reason for those? Does food get caught up under them?


Thank you for any advice you can give!

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I don't have one myself, but my parents do and I know that my mom loves it. So much so that when they moved they put in another one in their new house. It cooks so nicely. The only downside they had was that not all of their pans would work with it (they didn't have a hybrid one). That's how we ended up with my mom's pressure cooker. :)


From the little I've used it, I would get one in a heartbeat. I've seen them being used in the Food Network test kitchens, so there's an endorsement for you.;)

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I have a freestanding range not just the cooktop, but I absolutely adore it. I've only had it since last March but I honestly see reason to use anything else again. It's fast, it's super easy to clean, and cooks like a dream.


I personally wouldn't get the hybrid. My mom has an electric smoothtop and that thing pours so much heat into the kitchen that I can't even stand being near it. The induction doesn't do that because the surface never gets hot. Also if you have the hybrid, half of your cooktop has the potential to burn things on, be scorching to the touch (which would be huge if you get distracted and forget which side you are using and accidentally touch the glass on the wrong side) and generally will not cook as fast, evenly or respond to temperatures changes as rapidly. Rally there isn't anything better about the electric smooth tops and once you use induction you will come to hate those other two burners.


Can I just say once again how much I LOVE cooking on my induction!

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