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Anyone have bedwetting alarm?

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My youngest has started wetting the bed at night, and we used to have a great buzzer. It got lost in the move though, and then we bought a cheap one on Ebay. It broke. They sent us another, and it broke!


I'd love a buzzer to get my littlest through this, but they're expensive! If anyone has an old one they aren't using any more, I'd purchase it from you, if it's for a reasonable price.


Or, if you have a suggestion for a good one that's less than $40, I'm all ears!


Thanks so much!



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If the youngest has been dry through the night and has just recently started wetting again, I would go to the Dr and rule out a UTI. If the child has really never been dry through the night, he/she will just have to grow some more.


Child has been dry for three years; she is 7 years old. She is having a growth spurt I believe and sleeping very hard, I don't want her to fall back into bed wetting.

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