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Positive reinforcements and incentivizing?

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I use stickers as rewards for my 4yodd. I put them on her body--the first stickers become her earrings, then we start making bracelets and rings. Hey, it works well for her. She will do anything for her jewelry.


My sons, ages 9, 11 and 14 each earn minutes on the computer. 1 minute of pc time for each minute of music practice. DD 17 isn't at all motivated by computer time. She is motivated by actually accomplishing her schoolwork and chores!


My younger dc earn a dollar for each violin piece learned.


One bucket of weeds, fully compacted, is worth .50 cents.

1 snail = .01 cent (how do you make the cent sign anyway?)


My sis uses a bean jar and her dc earn beans for chores and schoolwork completed. When the jar is filled they all do something, like go out for ice cream.


Same sister used to give out play money. She kept a store of small items, candy, toys, etc., tha the children could buy with the 'money' they earned. Her store was open every Friday afternoon.

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