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I'm sorry, but it's too darn hot for December!

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Yeah I agree - its too hot here as well. 42 C or 107 F :001_huh: Even for Australia thats hot for this time of year. Our car airconditioning broke so we've been stuck inside for a week and the kids are turning into lunatics :glare: In fact the news headline here at the moment reads - Adelaide achieves hottest New Years Day in 112 years. 85 sounds nice to me LOL but even in Aus that is warm for the middle of winter.

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It's high's in upper 60's and lower 70's here in the southeast as well. However, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we can pretend it's winter because we will suddenly have days that have highs of mid and upper 50's. It's back to 60's and 70's after that. :)


This year has been a bit weird the whole time though. I don't remember anytime we had this little rain in SO long. The leaves didn't really bother falling at all until late November. They've just barely finished falling now. Weird.

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Our average is supposed to be in the mid 60's. We went through a period of highs in the 50's around Thanksgiving. The forecast is for mid 80's all week, with a chance of cooling on Friday/slight chance of showers.


My sister is visiting from the Pacific Northwest and is hating the heat, but enjoying the dry ground!

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we live in Middle TN and we are reschedule a couple of days of snow skiing


A couple of ski resorts have no be able to open this year and others are not fully functioning. It looks like snow is not in the 10 day forecast.


We are hoping for cooler weather and snow fall.


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Oh, oh I'll take it!


We have weeks here hoping it will hit 20':glare:. I've discovered you don't know what cold feels like until the thermometer reads -10' or less, and it's awful with the windchill.


I'm almost thrilled with today's warmth here. Winds gusting to 60 mph and temps hovering at a balmy 32'. Locals are baffled at how warm it is this year.




It is 85 here today. I know that may sound wonderful to some, but really? I am really looking forward to experiencing the four seasons someday. Of course, when it is 20, I'll remember this day fondly! :D
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