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Recc's for 6th grade for a highly VSL/RB learner?


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I'm starting to think about next year and while I'm ok with what were doing now I think dd's getting to the age where its time to start buckling down on things like science and history for which she hasn't had much since were kinda starting from scratch this year and have been working on the LA stuff this year. I love supercharged science but I can't get her to read the text to understand the science behind the experiments so I figured were gonna nix it for now. (she HATES to read, working on that now after finding out about visual processing issues). History has just been netflix on occasion but I want something a little more organized then random vids. Any URL's where someone has already mapped out history/science via netflix/hulu/PBS and the like? or DVD series I can order? Not sure where to go on that. Were in CA with a charter so state standards matter, not even sure what 6th is supposed to learn at this point.


Teaching Textbooks has been wonderful so will stick with that, will start TT 7 in about 2 months.


LA, no clue, T4W was a bust, hoping to try BraveWriter Kids Write Basic this semester. Need to see if we have enough funds left. Needs a lot of improvement in this area. Not a clue about 6th grade. We only have $800 semester and it sounds lazy but all subjects must be outsourced, dd does not accept me as a teacher and life is a lot more peaceful when I outsource lol:) She also learns a heck of a lot better but that $800 doesn't go far when things like BraveWriter cost $199 for 6 weeks. She reads on grade level but working on comp issues.


Just a thought, but is anyone aware of a blog for teaching VSL kids that lays it out? I mean literally, history week 1 watch X vid titles, ask these questions. I loved K12 for that simplicity but I need a video version lol.

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Aha Science might work. It's online and $15 a year, I believe.


I see you tried Time 4 Writing, which did not work. Did you try Time 4 Learning? Elearningk12.com is the same kind of thing, too. Don't know the cost off-hand.


Copywork was VERY GOOD for my vsl. We used WWE 1 and 2. We now do Winning with Writing, which is a workbook and not copywork, starting at Level 1, but advancing fairly quickly through. Pretty gentle.


LA - Schoolhouse Rock, Grammar Tales, Language Smarts, Fun Decks from Super Duper Inc. I have also heard Michael Clay Thompson stuff works for vsls, although I haven't tried it with mine.


Your vsl is around the time where she should be aging into some of the stuff for LA and such, so it might come easier to her now. If you google applestars or Cindy's Collaborative Learning Process, you might find helpful info on right brain learners. HTH!

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If she really enjoys video learning, then something like AnnenbergLearner or HippoCampus might work for her even though it was designed for slightly older students.


CA 6th grade social studies is ancient history and science is Earth science. For social studies the beginning of The Western Tradition and some of The Power of Place: Geography for the 21st Century at Annenberg Learner might cover what you need and Hippocampus has Earth science courses.


For grammar have you ever looked at Splashes from the River Cozy English? My oldest ds who is a mildly dyslexic and a VS learner used this one year a long time ago and I remember it as being no problem. He thought she looked like an English teacher should look.




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