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Does anyone have a good recipe for a birdseed type bread? With....

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Chris Kimball of Cooks Illustrated and America's Test Kitchen fame was on NPR before Thanksgiving. He gave a recipe for multigrain rolls--actually a loaf adapted for rolls. Scroll down this page to find it. I have successfully made this using Bob's Red Milll Seven Grain Cereal and pumpkin seeds. Next time I think I'll add some poppy seeds too. We were very happy with the end product which I turned into rolls but I suspect that the loaf would be yummy as well.

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This is great! Very tasty and lasts weeks in the fridge.




However, I can't imagine doing it in a bread machine or a French loaf. You have three bowls sitting around "soaking" overnight, it rises forever, has to knead forever, and bakes for an hour and a half! It's worth the trouble, though.



Have you tried just tossing some seeds into the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day dough? That might be easiest of all. When I make it with whole wheat, I use extra water and let it set longer (to soak it up,) so with seeds, you might want even more water and even longer before using. I think the salt gives it more flavor.

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