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FLL vs. R&S vs. KISS


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Which one of these do you prefer?


We've been doing R&S 3 for a few months and it is moving s-l-o-w-l-y. I like that it is thorough but am not sure it's for us. A friend recently mentioned to me that she loved FLL and there's no end of FLL love on this forum but the scripted approach has always steered me away from it. I'm willing to reconsider though. And to complicate matters further there was a thread a couple of months ago singing the praises of KISS.


So grammarians which program do you love? Pros? Cons?

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We had the same problem with R&S 2 and 3. The FLL counterparts move quicker and include more grammar topics. I really like FLL3. The script isn't annoying, and it's easy to go off script if you feel like it.


I haven't used KISS yet, but we're going to try it out soon. We will still finish up FLL3, and do MCT Island next year.

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done all three. I am not grammarian. I stink at grammar, but I have used all three of these curricula. I would start off by asking (my typical question) what is your child enjoying and what is he/she doing really well at? If the child is successful in a curriculum, why try to fix what isn't broken?


Now, to tell you what we did:


1. I used KISS grammar first with my older son. It is a nice program, but it is very confusing as the teacher to understand it. Once I figured out how to use it, it was fun and very easy to teach for the child. However, I had to dig and dig for information and I found a great website that set up KISS grammar workbooks in nice order by month. I downloaded onto a pocket PC. My son was able to work through the lessons nicely.


2. I used FLL with my younger son first. I loved the scripted lessons. It was perfect. It moved through things clearly and understandably. I like that I did not have to do much work with this one because the lessons were all explained.


3. My older son just completed Rod and Staff 8. He did R&S 6 first and completed 8. He had no problems with this curriculum. This program really goes in depth with the grammar. I think that it is a better fit for upper grade.


Now, just to tell you, I did a fourth grammar program called Growing with Grammar. Both sons loved this program. You do not have to do anything!!! The child reads the lessons and does the workbook. There is no scripting, no prepping, etc. It is straight forward grammar and the child moves through the program.


That's my experience!





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Thanks for the replies. Looking at FLL I'm wondering about placement. How does FLL 3 compare to R&S 3? Are they similar in S&S?


FLL has more meat. Where are you in R&S? We did one unit of 3 before switching to FLL3. If you're halfway through or something, you could probably just head over to FLL4 if R&S is easy/slow. Granted, I haven't looked at 4 in person. I just know that FLL repeats info every year, and for my son, getting the shortened version in a later year was better than getting the long, slow version in an earlier year.

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I also found KISS grammar too confusing for me, the teacher. FLL is great, we loved it and had fun with it, but I did not really care for the scripting and honestly my kids did not retain it well at all. It also takes up a good bit of 'mom time' on some of the lessons.


We did MCT also but the cost is a big factor for that and again the retention wasn't great. We are doing R&S now (three days a week), with Climbing to Good English (two days a week), and it is working well for us. The one child using this combo is retaining what she learns and it is less time-consuming for me (a real bonus now that I have a K'er who needs more mom time). It may move more slowly, but my child needed the repetition to really understand and remember the content.


I've looked at Growing with Grammar and been tempted, but we haven't tried it. I have the Classical Writing Winter Primer on order and that is supposed to have a good bit of grammar in it, so we'll see how that goes.

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