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Chilling cookie dough

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So I found recipe for gingerbread cookies. It says to chill for 2 hours or until "easy to handle" ( whatever that means). 2 hours will make it too late to actually bake the cookies because the 5 year old wants to help bake. Should I leave the 4 wax paper wrapped cookie doughs in the refrigerator all night? Will I need to leave them out for a little while in the morning before rolling it out? Should I wrap it in something else? I don't make cutout cookies often at all even though I enjoy them. Any tips I should know?


They are ready to go to chill right now, so quick answers would be appreciated. :)

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If you roll them between wax paper, then you can stick them in the freezer for 15 minutes. I would recommend putting flour on the paper (bottom) and dough (top) so the paper doesn't stick when you peel it off.


ETA - if it's drop cookies I would scoop them out and stick them on a plate to freeze them for 15 minutes. If you don't care how ugly they come out - that should work. You only really need to do the first pile, then you can chill the there once you got your cookie in hand.

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