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Is the book The Help OK for a 14YO to read?

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It depends on your daughter. I'd definitely pre-read it first. Off the top of my head, the topics that might cause concern are a pretty graphic miscarriage description, spousal abuse, I believe there were a few references to rape (someone correct me if I'm not remembering correctly)... Hmm, those are the things that stand out in my mind.


Only you know what your daughter can handle and understand. I'd simply just read the book first. It's an easy read. Tell her to wait a few days.

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My 12yo listened to the audiobook. I also read "Secret Life of Bees" around the same time but I wouldn't have let her listen to that. Much of it would have been over her head and distressing. The Help is a wonderful book for girls who are outgrowing kids books.

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