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WTA: sign the kid up for the SAT question of the day.


I googled this and it took me to the College Board site and to sign up we have to make a student account, date of birth, email, etc. Is this right?


Wow...When I took the PSAT I just did what the teachers told me to do, and when I took the SAT (20-something years ago!) we mailed in a form and then showed up to take the test! I am a bit overwhelmed. I want to keep him ahead of the game, but this is a bit unnerving. There is a lot to take in.


My neighbor (with college-age public school kids) recommended that he take the actual SAT starting in 9th or 10th grade for practice, so he can have several tries. Does that sound right or over the top? She said they take your highest score on each section, no matter how many times you take it. I don't know how this works now, and most of my hsing friends are either not as concerned with college or have younger kids. I really need a tutorial myself, I guess, on how to get through the next 5 years! Any websites or should I just search this board?


Thanks again!

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