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does anyone have an opinion on legalzoom.com?

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We've used it for our wills. It was very easy to navigate and we had the documents notarized when they were completed.


I can't comment beyond that because, well, we haven't died yet. ;)


we definitely need to update ours. We made wills 10 years ago when we were adopting.


That's what dh has said, easy to navigate.


Do you have yours on file anywhere?

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It's here in my desk drawer. I suppose I should have another copy somewhere else, huh?


definitely in a fireproof safe or something. We have no family other than my brother, and I don't want to share our details yet. I may give a couple of our closest, long time friends (who are like family) a copy. Waiting for dh to come inside so we can discuss this.

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We used them this summer for our wills. It was very easy to navigate and due to errors on our part...(FIL was in hospice and we just goofed filling them in correctly.) They prompted us to re-write them and sent new copies for no additional fee.


I'd definitely recommend them for basic things like a will.

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