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What are your 12, 9 & 7 year old sons favorite gifts?

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We normally send my step sons one or two big gifts but we decided to wait until they come here and have a bigger Christmas then they've had in awhile. (I don't think their mom got them anything this year either..)


The gifts we we're going to send to them was an iPad 2 and 3D ds. We decided to give the iPad to dss12 and the 3D ds to dss9. I've found a couple things I thought they would like and we're also wrapping clothes, but I need some more idea's? :bigear:


Thanks! :)

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Does their mother have $$ for games for the 3ds? They are PRICEY and it isn't just the cost of the device but the never ending request for new games.


The ipad will need a good case for protection as well.


My boys got new airsoft guns.

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11 Year Old:

  • Magic 8 Ball {his request, and did you know they are now GIANT bouncing balls? It's brought out a LOT of laughs}
  • Harry Potter Lego Wii Game {afterwards we spotted a Lego Ninjitsu he'd have loved, we're getting for his bday in Feb.; but this game has been played daily}
  • Lego Idea Book {huge huge love here}
  • Nerf Water Gun {it IS summer}
  • Spinjitsu Lego Set


He did get a few other little things. For his birthday in February we're planning to get him a digital camera & a new watch. The Spinjitsu game I mentioned above {for DS} & I spotted a Snap Circuit kit for him today at the toy shop I put on layby. He's ADORES putting things together and taking them apart so I know he'll love this. He'll most likely get one of the new Lego Oranizers that I spotted in town this week too. That and he's dying to go mini golfing at an indoor place not far from us.



8 Year Old

  • Bubble Gun {I know, very simple, but man does he ADORE it}
  • Phin McMissile from Cars 2 {both a match box one & the large one that shoots missiles & has the big guns pop out}
  • Remote Control Luigi from Cars 2 {another HUGE hit}
  • Star Wars Lego set
  • Wii Game Knockout Party {very funny}


He got other goodies, but most of it was for outdoor play as it's summer {kite, frisbee, HUGE bubble kit you can blow MASSIVE bubbles with, etc.}


What I didn't get him was a DS {any one} and he would have loved one, but we have a REALLY hard time prying him away from video game stuff so I avoid it a lot with him.


The both got a DVD as well Eldest got Megamind younger got Legends of Gahoole.



Your 7 year old would probably love Toy Story 3 & Cars 2 Stuff and videos if he doesn't all ready have/own. Walkie Talkies, Remote Control Cars, "dolls", lego kits, etc.


Your 9 year old might like a variety of games to go with the DS you've given. If you have an EB GAMES try going there for them, he can then trade them in when he's done and get discounts on more games. You can also get a Carrot Account there which is basically a point system which will eventually give you free stuff.


Your 12 year old might like a gift card to buy some aps for his ipad. How about a Case for it as well. Otterbox makes one for that, but I think a better choice is the Smart Case that can also allow it to stand up if he needs it to, all though the otterbox might do that as well.. Not sure.


If you're in snow area how about some cool gear to play outside in/with. Sleds and whatnot. If it's warm weather climate new kites might be fun. You could get the olders shaped kites.. think airplanes which can be made to do amazing tricks. A huge diamond kite for the younger.


Food gifts can be fun too. What are their favourite snacks and treats that perhaps aren't bought often? For my kids that's marshmallows, gummies {worms, bears, etc.}, goldfish crackers, microwave popcorn, juice boxes, etc. I don't buy that kind of stuff often or on a normal basis so a big basket or a stocking cram packed with it is ALWAYS a treat.



What about ipods? Not touches, but nanos. :D

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Ds's (9) favorite gift was a SpyNet watch. It takes video and audio recordings and does all kinds of other neat spy-ish things. He hasn't turned it off for the past 4 days.



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These have been hits for my boys.


Hess trucks


Star Wars Room Lightsaber (like a huge nightlight with remote)

RC helicopter (or truck or whatever)

Nerf dart guns

a cheap digital camera (There's a $25 version for younger kids that includes backgrounds, special effects, and games -- it also takes videos and uploads to our computer easily. All the kids like it.)

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My 9 year old son has been playing almost nonstop with his new Star Wars Legos. He also got Snap Circuits and didn't seem interested in them at first, but he's really enjoying them now that he tried them.


I bought Snap Circuits after seeing high reviews on Amazon.


My son opened up the Snap Circuits Jr. on Christmas day and said "what's this!?!?" He quickly dismissed the gift and moved on to his more exciting toys.


A few days later, I reminded him that he had a gift he hasn't played with. He said..."oh yea" and got the box from under the tree.


He hasn't put it down since. Definitely a winner!

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