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s/o Afghans: I'm looking for a guide to select coordinating colors.

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Apparently it's not a gift of mine.


Is there an online site that shows different coordinating and/or contrasting colors?


I've made afghans that are in the same color family, i.e. light country blue, medium country blue, and dark country blue. They look "okay" but not wonderful.


I'd appreciate some help. I want to make something beautiful for my daughter. I know her favorite colors but don't know how to pick which would look best together.



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One easy way to pick colors is to have three or more coordinating colors as you already have done, and then add a little bit yellow. Yellow contrasts with almost every other color in the wheel, and makes them all pop. You don't want to use very much--maybe 10% or less. Pick a yellow that is fairly dramatic but not much brighter than the rest. If you are already using very bright colors, like red, blue, and green, adding a little black here and there works much the same way.

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