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How much time for these LA subjects per day?


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My 8yo reads throughout the day on her own, but I require her to read for one hour before bed. It's not always that long, but that's our goal.


For Writing, she does handwriting most days, copywork or dictation about once per week, and some type of paper" every week or two which involves freewriting with me scribing for her, revising on several different days, and copying the finished work in her own writing. I also have her write letters to Grandma every now and then. So there is no set time, but I'd estimate about 20 minutes per day.


Spelling is on an as needed basis. I enter words I see her misspell into Spelling City and once I have 10-15 I let her play on there for a while. That is only once or twice per month, so it's not really worth adding to the total amount spent on LA.


Grammar we didn't do at all until recently when I bought MCT Island level LA. And we do that when we feel like it. (I know I'm probably not helping much, am I?!) Maybe 30-60 minutes per week.


I also count our read aloud time as LA (vocabulary, narration, etc.) and we do that for about an hour per day.



We are pretty free-flow here as far as what we do daily. I plan our week out on Sundays, but we don't do the same things each day or even each week. I basically try to include 2 LA things per day plus our read aloud time. HTH!

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My son is 8/3rd.... For Grammar we do a lesson orally from Rod and Staff, diagram a sentence or two, and he does a page in Daily Grams: 20 mins.


Writing: He does not like to physically write, so I'm never sure how much to push him in that area. He does a page of cursive handwriting for practice, a few lines of copywork, a few sentences in his journal. Then every other day he will do a written narration for history/science/lit, etc: 30 mins. And all this is spread out- a little bit throughout the day. I feel so lucky if I catch him writing something for fun :)


Spelling: He does a program through BigIQ kids on the computer. 20 mins.


Lit: I don't do formal lit with him, but he spends 20-60 mins/day reading lit on his own, plus various read-alouds, another 30-60 mins.

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How long per day do you spend on these subjects for 3rd grade:


Writing-I try to get in a good 15-30 minutes of writing (not including HW) either guided(working on skills) or "freewriting" (she doesn't like the latter). She has pretty decent HW so that's more hit miss. She actually assigns HW to herself. Almost like it's an artistic creation.


Grammar- Also hit and miss in the past but we're going to buckle down and finish MCT Grammar Island in next 3-4 weeks by doing 30 minutes 2X per week.


Spelling- DD is a natural speller but we still spend about 15 minutes a day on it.


Literature (Independently Read) We try for 1/2 an hour a day sometimes less sometimes more. She also does reading for History and Science maybe another hour per day.


I usually try to get as much out of her as I can without a meltdown. Some days she's a real trooper others it can be a real pain.

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Ds is 4th grade so this most likely won't be of any help, lol, but here we spend..


Independent reading - 1 hr. daily


Spelling - 15 minutes, 3x per week (Sequential Spelling)


Grammar - 20 min. - 30 min. daily (Rod and Staff English)


Writing - 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours daily (mix of written narrations and dictation from across the curriculum, Winning With Writing and assigned writing)

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30 minutes reading, 15 spelling, 15-30 writing or grammar alternated, 10 minutes handwriting, 5-15 narration (60-90 minutes daily on LA topics).


My kids also had free-reading time for 30 minutes before bedtime (they thought it was to get to stay up a little later!)

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How long per day do you spend on these subjects for 3rd grade: I prefer to keep lessons short as long as possible. :001_smile:


Writing 10 minutes, but longer on Mondays


Grammar 20 minutes


Spelling 15 minutes


Literature (Independently Read) 30 minutes + more reading on his own



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Language Arts will take about 60 minutes/day, and most of it is one-on-one with me. Writing, Grammar and Spelling will be about 30-40 minutes and Literature about 20 minutes.


Writing- WWE 2, copywork, and dictation

Grammar- Addressed via copywork

Spelling- Addressed via dictation

Literature (Independently Read) - 20 min/day using Sonlight Readers

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My dd#2 is "3rd grade." She does:

Writing/Spelling (Dictation): 15 minutes, 4x/wk

Grammar: 15 minutes, 4x/wk

Literature (independent): None assigned.

She reads with me 20 minutes per day, 4x/wk. This includes her assigned reading for history. She sometimes does free reading - mostly to the younger siblings. It is not required.

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Grammar is 30 min a day (using ALL,SC,MCT, and once done with ALL we will move over to KISS)

Writing - 1 hour a day .. 30 min for CC work (moving into CC Narrative/CW Homer) and 30 min for WWS. On the longer WWS Day 4 days we take most of the time for it and skip CC)


Spelling/Vocab workbooks were done for 9 weeks straight and we just finished both workbooks. Spelling Workout I think and Sadlier Oxford Vocab. We also do vocab with Caesar's English 1. They edit and revise their narrations in writing also, but we are done with formal spelling for the year.


Literature - We will move into a 6 week lit. analysis study in the coming semester, but they also read in their rooms for at least 1-2 hours a day. Sometimes it's at bedtime before they go to sleep, other times it's during their daily rest time in their rooms, or in the car.

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Thanks everyone!


I was changing things up for the new year and just wanted to see if my plan wasn't too lopsided. We were dropping a few formal programs that were eating up time I wanted to be spending with real books and I was worried about reducing times for writing, spelling and grammar. Based on your responses though I seem to be about average...and apparently was WAY above before.:D

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