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Fantasy Football - what do I need to know?

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My ds is a football nut and wants to sign up online someplace to play fantasy football. I know nothing about it. Are there different sites to do this? Anything inappropriate for a pre-adolescent? What do I need to know? Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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Have him check it out there and you can do it several ways, set up the points you like, do a whole season, etc.


We had a big FF Draft party at someone's house and all brought our laptops to choose our players together. They put the site up on a big screen and we all used our individual laptops to choose. It was fun!


I don't know if you're looking for ds to sign up individually or with friends but I'm pretty sure you can do both.

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dh and I have played through Yahoo. You can set up a league with friends you know - or you can sign up as an indiviual and you'll be put in a league with strangers. I have seen some vulgar-ish team names. And there is a place to leave messages for each other (a bit of competitive trash talk, of course) - I'm not sure how bad they would allow the trash talk to go - I don't remember anything really bad. Yahoo has a set of leagues that are free as well as a section where you pay (~$30?). You could have you or your husband sign up for the free league - preview the "team names" to make sure it looks tame and then turn it over to your son. It's fun because you get to go through a "live draft."


I understand how you feel. Our two dss play chess online, but that's about all we've allowed so far and we try to keep an eye to make sure they don't get pulled into strange conversations.

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