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So I'm 44 years YOUNG today! ;-p

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Happy Birthday! I'll be the same age in a couple of weeks. We will be going out to eat but I don't have anything else planned that day. I've scheduled that week off of school because we have several appointments, including my son getting braces. Ugh! Yeah, I'm going to veg out on my birthday and I refuse to feel guilty about it!


Have a great day!

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They weren't in for Christmas. They are wanting to hit the hot sushi spot overlooking the river downtown on Friday night. I figure that'll be good enough for me to count as birthday dinner out. It'll be a fun time with family, but today I'm still recovering from Christmas, and getting things in order after dd's wreck 3 days before Christmas - she's without a car because they are pretty sure it's totaled.

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Happy Birthday to both of you!


I was pretty much a slug. I did take down the tree and organize all my ornaments into my new, ornament storage boxes (LOVE them). I also did a couple batches of clothes (not worth it to skip and play catch up). However, we got some Lebanese for dinner and I haven't washed a dish!

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