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Some (hopefully!) encouraging thoughts about homeschool

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I thought I would just share how homeschooling is paying off during the college application process.


My oldest daughter is 17. I homeschooled her for 9 years, and she went back into public school in 10th grade.


She is in the process of applying to colleges, and being homeschooled has helped tremendously. Just the material for essays alone is worth it.


When colleges ask "what will you bring to our campus that is different from other students" the experiences she had while homeschooling makes for a great essay.


Some of the colleges have honors programs which are extra courses that are taught in small groups and go beyond the students normal major. They are meant to dig deep into subjects and involve a lot of discussion and thinking outside the box. Writing an essay about what she could bring to the honors program is easy ... she just said something like "it dovetails perfectly into the type of learning I have already experienced."


So far she has been accepted at all the colleges she has applied to, including tougher ones like Georgetown, Tulane, and WPI. She has received offers for two merit scholarships, one for $44,000 and one for $55,600.


I can't attribute exactly how much her being homeschooled has affected her college acceptance rate because she does have a lot of extracurriculars, most with leadership roles, and did receive the Congressional Award, but her SAT scores, while strong, are not the type that would typically get her in at all her choices with such high scholarship money. She has a girlfriend who has been in the public school all along with basically the same type of academic record and she has been deferred at all the same schools as my daughter.


I have a feeling that being homeschooled has helped set her apart from the crowd, and has given her a great hook when writing the endless amount of essays that she has had to submit.


Feel free to use this anecdotal evidence when dealing with negative family members or any lingering doubts! :001_smile:

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