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I am in a planning slump. I was so stressed entereing the holidays I could not wait for a break. Now that are break is coming to an end I have to do my lesson planning. I find that I am doing everything else but. I mentioned it to my husband and he panicked. I think I made a mistake looking for next years curriculum. Several of the programs have the IG laid out for me. That would mean with the execption of tweaks I would not spend as much time planning lessons.


So I am eagerly waiting for that time and not in the present where I still need to plan. Can someone give me some pointers to get through this time. In the meantime I am going to take down the tree get the christmas decorations boxes out of the classroom so that I can have some space to plan. Something about clutter in the house and classroom prevents me from being able to concentrate on planning.

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I have to actually plan a time, and stick to it as if it is an appointment I made with someone else that cannot be canceled.

Also - only commit to about 45 minutes at a time. Then - bribe yourself with something. "After 45 minutes I will get to ___________..."

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Okay at least I am not alone. Good news I did get the tree down, that cleared a lot out of the classroom. Now I have asked hubby to help me get the picture frames out of there and onto the wall. Then perhaps I can lock myself in there and think and get going. Wishing you all the best, that your slump passes quickly.

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