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Bible Recommendations for a 7/8 year old???

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I would like to purchase a new study Bible for my son. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for this age range. I am looking for a Bible that he can read and study on his own. He does read on nearly a 5th grade level.




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Watching this son is almost 8 and we, too, are looking for a more indepth Bible now.

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There are two versions written at about a 3rd grade level - the NIrV (New International Reader's Version) and the ICB (International Children's Bible). Both versions are very good, but I personally prefer the ICB. My ds got his first ICB in Kindergarten, and he is still reading it. My plan is to keep him in it at least another year or two even though he is reading well above grade level. When I feel like he is ready, we will get him the Children's ESV. I believe it is written at around an 8th grade level.


We just purchased my dd her own ICB, and will follow the same progression for her.


Here is the Bible that my son has:


Here is the one that we just bought my dd. It is more of a study Bible than my ds's.


And here is the Children's ESV that they will get next:


Another option you might consider is to get the Victor Journey Through the Bible for your ds to read along with his Bible. It is a wonderful study tool!



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We have used the Adventure Bible for all of our kids and also the ESV(English Standard Version).


A tradition we started was to give our kids a real Bible when they turn six. So this week we gave the ESV children's Bible to our youngest dd.

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