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Android tablet users - Repligo or ezPDF?

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I know some of you have Android tablets (including Kindle Fire and Nook Color)... Who is using one of these apps: Repligo Reader or ezPDF? Which do you like better?


I'm liking some features of each better than the other... leaning towards Repligo, but haven't made a decision yet. I'll be using this on a 10" tablet to let my kids write on PDF files with a stylus (still need to get a stylus, but one thing at a time! :D).


So far, I'm seeing that Repligo handles bigger PDF files better (100+ pages or more), and the PDF files I would use are likely to be somewhere in the 100-300 page range. OTOH, ezPDF has more active development, which could be handy. Repligo is $4.99, and ezPDF is $2.99. I'm ok with those amounts for this program. I use free programs for everything else I do, so $5 on one app is not a big deal to me.


Sadly, I missed the week that ezPDF was $0.10 earlier this month! I would have gotten that for my phone and then been able to use it on the tablet!

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