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s/o We bought a Zoo movie - need recommendations for family movie asap! THANKS!

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We are planning to go to the movies this week and on the list was "We bought a Zoo" movie. With the thread (forget your name op..sorry) on that movie it seems like not a kid-friendly movie to watch.


What recommendations do you have?


Dolphin Tale?



Suggestions needed as quickly as your fingers can type...:tongue_smilie:



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I've also heard Dolphin Tale was great - it's on our to-see list.


Hugo is fantastic. The Muppets was also a lot of fun. I'd say either of those are great for kids school age and up. I have a hard time gauging movies for younger than that as I'm not a fan of bringing kids to the theater or even watching much TV before those ages.


We're also looking forward to War Horse, although that's PG-13 - my kids are already 11 and 13, though. My kids loved the book.

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My 12 and 15 year old son/daughter loved Hugo.


The book is amazing!


I did not like tin tin at all. I would rather hear some swear words then watch 90 minutes of gunfire, machine guns, planes crashing, blowing things up. And my favorite-the bad guys put a handkerchief over tin tin's face to make him pass out.

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Hugo? What age range? My dd will be 13 in a few months.



I think Hugo would be fine for any kid say, 6 or 7 and up (lots of people would probably be fine with younger, but I'm conservative that way). The scariest things are him being chased by the policeman through the train station, hanging off the clock, and almost getting hit by a train after he jumps on the tracks to retrieve something - but nothing actually happens to him any of those times. No swearing, no violence - I'd say the things above are more on the "intense" scale.


That is one of the best movies I've seen in years and years and years. For kids and adults.


And the book is also fantastic, and a quick read in spite of its heft, as most of the story is told in pictures.

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I loved Dolphin Tale as well. A good family movie with nothing that shocked me or surprised me.


Haven't seen Hugo but based on recommendations, I might have to.


We Bought A Zoo - was a good movie but a few bad words and one that was quite a shocker to me coming from the 7 yo girl in the movie. It's really a shame they have to put those in there. There are also quite a few argument/fighting scenes between boy and father in the movie that could be intense for some kids.

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Another vote for Hugo! Our family saw it on the day after Christmas (Dd 9, Ds 13). We rarely see movies in the theater. First movie we've seen in the theater and didn't come out feeling like we threw our money away in a long time. It sparked a lot of discussions on the way home about the idea of 'brokenness' and how every person's life has value. Though our discussions went pretty deep, I still think it would be enjoyable for younger kids too.

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