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DS age 6.5 - What I Want to Be When I Grow Up


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All punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, and capitalization are his:


"I want to be a firefighter. So people can survive. So I can help other people. So I can help my freinds, too. Get enough money and be strong."


*The last sentence was to be about "two ways you can prepare for this job".


Any feedback?:bigear:

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Greate punctuation, spelling, and capitalization for a 6.5 year old. The only misspelled word that I saw is "freinds," and that can be a tricky word to spell.


I'm guessing here, but I can see the following prompts:

Sentence 1: What do you want to be when you grow up?

"Sentences" 2-4: Why do you want to be that?

"Sentence" 5: What are two ways you can prepare for this job?


Only the first sentence is a complete sentence. The other sentences are not complete sentences; they are answers to questions. I would not point this the incomplete sentences to such a young writer on a "finished" piece of writing, but you might want to observe his speech to see if he thinks in complete sentences. If he has trouble thinking in complete sentences, you might want to work on modeling speaking in complete sentences.


Great job.

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