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2011's best quote journal updates?

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I was inspired to start my own a few months back after reading a thread on here, so now I'd like to share mine and delight on the quotes you have to share. I must be a frivolous person because I have no paragraphs from Moby Dick or anything like that. :tongue_smilie:


'The Human Touch: Our Part in the Creation of the Universe' by Michael Frayn.'


"of universes, we have just the one, so we don't know whether this is the way you'd expect a universe to be.'


Describing the Earth: "with a surface as rumpled as an unmade bed."


'The Girl Who Chased the Moon' by Sarah Addison Allen.'


"The two giant oaks in the front yard looked like flustered ladies caught in mid-curtsy, their starched green leaf-dresses swayin in the wind."


'Brida' by Paulo Cohelo


"sometimes, certain of blessings arrive by shattering all the windows"


'Seasons of Life: The Biological rhythms that Living Things Need to Thrive and Survive' by Russell Foster and Leon Kreitzman


"To put it another way, climate is what you expect, weather is what you get."


Maybe mine are the quote tastes of an amateur; dh wasn't impressed with any of them. But maybe they are very nice quotes and dh is just a philistine who doesn't read enough. :tongue_smilie: (But I've got him to agree to a book a month challenge, and he already has some picked out, so there's hope for the fella yet!)




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