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Just a vent....RE: lost remote to the TV

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Dear stepdaughter, please don't lose the remote, say that you lost the remote...then leave!:rant::banghead::cursing: I was in my sewing room and the 3 girls were watching TV. DSD said "geez, I just had the remote, now I can't find it." The girls gave a half hearted attempt to look for it and I went back to sewing. I came up and DSD was gone....and so is the remote. UGH. She is coming back tonight. Guess what she gets to do. We have all looked for it and still can't find it. She will have to retrace her steps I guess. I know it's not the end of the world but you need to remote to make the TV do anything. Darn it.

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Oh, I feel your pain RIGHT NOW! DS has lost the remote for the DVD player and we have looked everywhere. DH tried to reprogram the remote for the satellite so it would work the DVD player and now NOTHING will work. Steam is coming out of DH's ears. Two trips to Wally World for "Easy to Program" remotes has just caused more blue words and stomping of feet. To top if all off, DH had to have oral surgery today and wasn't in the best of moods to start with. I have sequestered myself in the other room and DS has gone to bed. Not a good way to end the day.

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So what I want to know is WHY there is no locator button on the base unit (TV, DVD player, cable box, etc.) for remotes like there are for cordless phones. That would make all our lives so much easier!!


Gosh I have been on facebook to much. I went to click "like" right after reading this.


I have often said I need a locator button on remotes and on key chains.

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