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18mo w blood-strain of strep

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I'm really bad. But y'all are irresistible. -able?


Anyway, dh's boss's 18mo old boy is in the hosp w/ a variety of strep that's in his blood. They almost lost him.


Dh has been working extra hrs (hence no writing as of yet), & we stayed up till 2AM making food to take to the family.


One of the symptoms is mouth sores. The little boy hasn't eaten in nearly a week. (He's got IVs, etc., though.) Dh dropped off a bunch of food, etc. this AM on his way to cover another shift. His boss just called & said her boy is eating for the first time since being in the hosp because he likes my muffins so much. !! I cried on the phone when dh told me. Poor, sweet boy.


I just can't imagine having that much energy tied down to a hosp bed, & I'm so proud to have a dh who cares so much & knows how to support his boss right now. (Her dh is military, so she's pretty much on her own, & she's got 3 dss under 5yo!)


Also, watermelon lemonade is the bomb. I just have to get that off my chest now so I'm less tempted to come chat later.

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