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Kindle Fire and MM?


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I have a quick question. The new MM downloads have the ability to fill in the PDF's which eliminate the need to print. Can I use this feature with the kindle Fire? I am trying to figure out if the KF would fit our needs or if I need to purchase a more expensive tablet.





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Have you asked the author yet?

I'm kind of curious about using the Kindle for some of my school needs as well. I've got all kinds of vintage books, curriculum, etc that I'd like to have at hand and I am thinking that the Kindle Fire would be useful as it has color capacity.

Are the colors true on the page?

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It should work. You might need a pdf editor. I just got 10" Android tablet, and I'm currently trying to decide whether to get Repligo or ezPDF for editing. Both of those programs should work on the Fire. Your page would just need to be zoomed in to see it at normal size. I got a 10" for that reason.

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You'll need a PDF fill program.


Here's one




Not sure this free one will do it, but in theory it should be possible.


Note that this program isn't actually free. It requires an expensive subscription. I wouldn't recommend it.

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