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USED BOOKS and Usborne Internet Codes

Guest LDL

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I have never bought an Usborne Internet Linked Book before. I keep seeing

"The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History" links for SOTW vol 1. It looks like I have to buy a used copy, now.


My questions are;

When you buy a used copy do the codes come with automatically?

Is it a CD/DVD?

If the first owner uses the codes, can you use them again?

How can one tell before they buy a used Internet Linked Book?


Does anyone know? I dont want to lay out money and then not get the codes. I'll would buy another resource if I am unable to get the codes.




:confused:Kim @ LDL

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You go to the internet site for Usborne and enter the book code, which is printed in the book, then the page number to view the links. It is not individual/specific. Everyone with the book has the same code, no danger of not accessing with a used book. You can even use the library book to access the codes.


That said, many of the links IMHO are not that great. They are linking to other sites (compiled to their own topic) and many are broken links now in older books or not thrilling to begin with. We continue to try them though! :D

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