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Where do military people LIVE near Bethesda

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Someone close to me is PCSing from Hawaii to Bethesda. I'm not far from there on the map, but in this super-commute area, I'm worlds away. WHERE should she look that it's possible to afford on a single military income, with four kids in elementary through high school. It's SO expensive around here. Where do military families look that doesn't land their kids in awful schools or neighborhoods? There HAS to be a decent place.

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A lot of them live out in the burbs and come in on the subway. The Medical Center Metro station is always VERY busy. Others just adjust to a very long drive.


I didn't know a lot of people who lived in the immediate Bethesda region.... What about Rockville if she's trying to live somewhere very close or Fairfax Co., VA if she's not?

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